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Hunter Boots

Me and my Hunter…

Me and my Hunter boots are now ready for this rainy summer! After have had some shoes totally destroyed because of the rain I decided to buy a nice and sexy pair of classic wellingtons straight from England. I…

casio opi
Fashion Sweden

Gold and red….

My nails just colored with OPI‘s “Red lights ahead…where?” and I’m wearing my DSQUARED2 bracelet I got from Dean Caten  (fashion desgner, founder and owner of DSQUARED2) at their fashion party at Ritz in Paris last year…and my Casio vintage…


Christening and reunion…and Sophie la Girafe!

Off for my childhoodfriends christening of her baby girl. Me and my friend went in the same class from grade 1-9 and recently I recieved an invitation for the christening of her baby girl and at the same time…

The Great Gatsby
Books Sweden

Next to my bed…

F.Scott Fitzgerald and Anna Gavalda are truly blessed sharing the space on my bedtable, they don’t know how lucky they are ;-) For the moment I’m reading The Great Gatsby. F.Scott Fitzgerald was a great writer and belonged to…

Clipper Tea
Food & recipes Sweden

Natural, Fair & Delicious

Natural, fair and delicious – that is what my favourite tea is from the brand Clipper! I discovered this tea brand (from UK) at work, and ever since my first cup I totally fell in love. I haven’t found…

Pesto fait maison
Food & recipes Sweden

Homemade pesto

Since I’m not surrounded with Michelin awarded restaurants or my Italian favourite restaurant Oenosteria in Paris and I’m tired of the store-bought pesto jars (that are more or less containing potatoes, cashew nuts and other substitutes…. ) I decided…

Sunrise in south of Sweden

Morning glory

Thought I might share the beautiful sunrise I get to see each morning when I’m about to take one of the early trains to Denmark. This is how it looks at the trainstation…very early in the morning…in south of…

Jude Law

Could it be?

Thought I recognized this hunk when I was sitting in the subway in Stockholm two weeks ago. Could it be mr Law? Jude Law? Oh yes, it sure was. Mr Law was keeping me company during my short trip…

Lauritz in Mood
Stockholm Sweden

Lauritz in Mood

Lauritz is a web auction house but they have a showroom in the department-store MOOD in Stockholm. There you can see some of their different objects…for example these industrial chairs I saw last weekend when I was there. That’s…

Posh in Mood
Interior design Stockholm Sweden

Posh Living in Mood

Let me introduce you to Posh Living, an interior design boutique situated in the new department-store called MOOD in Stockholm. When I was there last weekend I totally fell in love with these cute cups with butterflies on, aren’t…

Ladurée Stockholm
Pâtisseries Stockholm Sweden

Ladurée in Stockholm

Ladurée in Stockholm was supposed to open in the middle of April but it seems they are running late on their time-schedule. When I was passing by the boutique (situated at Grev Turegatan) on May 5th it looked like…

Café Egoïste
Pâtisseries Stockholm Sweden

Café Egoïste

Café Egoïste is a café situated in the new shopping-mall in central Stockholm called MOOD. A friend of mine invited me for a traditional Swedish “fika” there when I was in Stockholm for the weekend. We shared a giant…

Stockholm Sweden

Stockholm next!

On my way to the capital of Sweden, Stockholm..where I will be spending my weekend…It will be pretty intensive since I have to leave already on Sunday. But I’m happy it’s a holiday today in Copenhagen (where I’m working)…

Food & recipes Sweden

Amazing artichokes…

Artichoke is one of my favourite vegetables. It has a spectacular taste and superb nutrition, who cannot love that vegetable? The ones I prepeared yesterday and that you can see in the photos are straight from France (still not…