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Where Is My Baggage Air France ?

Flew with Air France from Paris to Copenhagen on Friday and my baggage was lost. I reported the loss immediately at the Copenhagen Airport and it turned out my baggage had not been scanned in Paris and was not…


Glögg – Swedish mulled wine

A cup with Swedish glögg (mulled wine) – a heartwarming way of bringing the Christmas spirit to life :-) At my moms place during Christmas….…

Riz à l'amande
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Riz à l’amande

Riz à l’amande (Ris à l’amande in Danish) is  Danish dessert made during Christmas, it has  French name even though it’s not a French dessert, don’t ask me why :-) This rice porridge dessert made with whipped cream, vanilla…

Desserts Food & recipes Sweden

Christmas sweets

Some of our homemade Christmas candies we’ve enjoyed during the Christmas holidays: I made toasted almonds covered with nougat (recipe here), my sister baked her lussekatter (she make the best ones), rocky roads, dates with chocolate and I made…

Food & recipes Sweden

My homemade Tartiflette – recipe

Tartiflette is a French dish from the Haute Savoie region of France and it’s used to be served in every ski resort and is eaten usually during the winter times. Here is the recipe for my homemade Tartflette: You…


Christmas dinner

A typical Swedish Christmas dinner table consists of Swedish meatballs, Christmas ham, small hot dog sausages (prinskorv), pork sausage, smoked fresh pork sausage (isterband) pickled herring, salmon, Jansson’s Temptation, sweet and sour red cabbage etc I’m not a big…


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! God Jul! Joyeux Noël! Hope you all will have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones :-) Now I’m in a winter wonderland in south of Sweden, at my moms place with my love and my sister,…

Food & recipes Sweden

What’s cooking?

What’s cooking chez moi? Artichokes ofcourse! Straight from France. Now boiling with one lemon..some salt and sugar… be enjoyed with lots of butter……

strawberries with white chocolate
Desserts Food & recipes Sweden

Summer at its best

A big reason of why I love summertime is that I can endulge myself with sweet strawberries almost everyday. This weekend I bought Toblerone’s white chocolate that I melted…then I dipped the by one…and let them have a…

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Let the countdown begin…

Me and my favourite sandals… Good things are to come…and in one week a big difference in my life will take place. I’m counting down for yet a new chapter in my life and I’m so happy. Wish you…