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Ile de Ré

Here are some more photos from the beautiful island Ile de Ré, Atlantics St Tropez but with a more laid-back charm :-) A typical day on the island starts with a breakfast with fresh baked bread from the closest…

French Ile de Ré Travels

Barbeque in the garden x2

Yet another barbeque in the garden by mr L’s father. He had made his home-made mayonnaise (very delicious!) and he served it aside shrimps and langoustines that we had as starter. The maincourse was sole fish that he barbequed…

Ile de Ré Restaurants and bistros

Taxi Brousse

The restaurant where we had the birthday dinner is named Le Taxi Brousse (the Jungle Taxi) and situated in the north of the island of Ré. The open-air restaurant with a private pool and sand dunes with tables and…

Ile de Ré Travels

Master Blaster

On our way to mr L’s birthday dinner on a restaurant I snapped some photos on the beautiful sunset. While driving from the south of the island to the north where the restaurant was we enjoyed the beautiful landscapes…

Ice cream Ile de Ré Travels

Ice cream at l’Atelier

After our lunch at La Poissonnerie we had delicious ice cream from L’Atelier (just in front of the restaurant). L’Atelier serves home made ice cream made on the island from the ice cream maker La Martinière.…

Ile de Ré Travels

Ile de Ré

Now I’m at Ile de Ré (the isle of Rhé). I’ve been here a couple of times before and it’s a very beautiful island. It’s situated on the west coast of France, it takes 3 hours by train to…