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Beautiful morning in Corsica

Beautiful view over the harbour town Bastia and the shimmering sea in the morning while having delicious breakfast on the terrace. Take a closer look on the marmelade I was having on the bread on the photo below, it…

Sunset captured at sea on the way to Corsica

Beautiful sunset captured on the way to Corsica

This beautiful sunset was captured from the ferry (Corsica Ferries) on the way to Bastia in Corsica. Around 6-7 hours by boat…if you are lucky with the weather you can be on the deck and improve your tan and…


Back from Corsica

Back from a wonderful week in Corsica – paradise on earth. I started to work the day after my arrival so I haven’t had the time organizing all my photos but I promise to share my photos with you…

Saleccia in Corsica

Corsica next!

Finally vaccation!!! Feels like I haven’t been on vaccation for years and I’m so happy I’m finally leaving for a week to Corsica – paradise on earth :-) Since I’m new at work (started earlier this year) I don’t…