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Where Is My Baggage Air France ?

Flew with Air France from Paris to Copenhagen on Friday and my baggage was lost. I reported the loss immediately at the Copenhagen Airport and it turned out my baggage had not been scanned in Paris and was not…


Denmark happiest country in the world

I’m SO proud over my second home-country Denmark. Yesterday CNN published an article saying that according to a recent annual survey conducted by Earth Institute, Denmark is the HAPPIEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. It’s not the first time Denmark…


Come Back To Us

Yesterday my dear collegues had arranged a farewell gathering at work since I’m leaving to Paris today. They had bought delicious cakes, two topped with strawberries and one with dark chocolate, a sweet farewell with other words. They gave…

Copenhagen Quotes

A new “hello”

If you are brave to say “good bye”, life will reward you with a new “hello” – Paulo Coelho Photo taken in my home in Copenhagen…

Copenhagen Fitness & health

Strong Is The New Black

Yesterday evening I went on the very last class of pilates at the Energii studio here in Copenhagen before my move to Paris. I will miss these Kick Ass and Power Reformer classes badly. It was thanks to a…


Ne m’oubliez pas

Yesterday Copenhagen was bathing in sun and I thought it was a great idea to go out and get some natural vitamin D :-) Also a great excuse for escaping the chaos at home, I’m not done with my…

Copenhagen Food & recipes

Sweets of Denmark

There are many things I will miss from Denmark and foodwise I can make a long list. I’m fully aware I’m going to the country of fine ways of dining and exquisite food, but after been living in Copenhagen…

Copenhagen Paris

If I only knew….

If I only knew I was going to move back to Paris in less than two years I would have stored most of my belongings there. My collection of heels and sandals have once been shipped to my dads…

Copenhagen Paris

Shipping an iMac overseas

Shipping an iMac overseas shouldn’t be complicated, I thought, but it turned out I was sooo wrong. Unfortunately my iMac is 5 cm too wide to fit in the cabin storage on the plane, otherwise I would have brought…

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