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Eiffel Tower fireworks

How to photograph fireworks

Fireworks are beautiful to watch and as a photographer, you would probably want to capture the magical show with your camera. However, it is important to be well prepared. In fact, it is not that difficult to photograph fireworks…

X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Photo

Review of X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Photo

Did you know that for a camera it is complicated to produce accurate colors? Cameras have different settings that controls the colors in the photos. They are all different from brand to brand and are more decided upon eye…

BenQ Palette Master Element

Review of BenQ Palette Master Element

Calibrating and profiling a monitor is the key to achieve digital and printed photos with colors and other attributes that resembles the original image as much as possible. For a more comprehensive explanation read my previous article where you…

x-rite i1Display

Review of X-Rite i1Display Pro

I have had the opportunity to try X-Rite i1Display Pro. In this review I will share my experience of it, how to calibrate your monitor and create an ICC profile. Before introducing you to the colorimeter I believe it…


Review of monitor for photographers – BenQ SW271

A monitor suitable for photographers is essential notably if you print your photos or publish them online. Until now I have used the screen of my iMac and MacBook Pro when I have post-processed my photos. However, I always…

Terrascape filter bag

Bag for Camera Lens Filters – Terrascape

When being out in the field on a photographic session you need to have quick access to your camera lens filters. After two photo trips I learned, having a filter in their original case was not optimal. Later I…

Gallery Print SAAL Digital Review

Wall decor from SAAL Digital

Wall decor from SAAL Digital I barely print any of my photos but when SAAL Digital recently asked if I was interested trying one of their wall decors I saw it as a great opportunity to finally have one…

Rollei Compact Traveler Carbon Tripod

Rollei Compact Traveler Carbon Tripod

A travel tripod that weight less than 1 kg, that has a length of only 33 cm when folded and that can take up to 8kg in camera equipment, yes that kind of tripod do exists!! I’m a happy…

GND Medium filter NiSi

NiSi GND Medium filter

Are you also an owner of a GND Soft and Hard filter but just like me, find yourself in situations where you wished you had something in between? Look no further, finally there is a GND filter that will…

NiSi GND filter

Graduated Neutral Density Filters from NiSi

If you are into landscape, seascape or cityscape photography I’m sure you have heard of or are using GND filters. In this article I will introduce you to two different Graduated Neutral Density filters from the camera filter brand…

Rollei Tripod 180

Rollei Rock Solid Tripod Beta 180 Carbon

In landscape photography and especially in long exposure photography a sturdy tripod is a must. There is a jungle out there with different types of tripods, made of different materials, functions etc. Not long ago I had the great…

Photography Gloves Winter

Photography Gloves For Cold Weather

Before my trip to Iceland I had found almost everything I needed except a pair of photography gloves to be used in cold weather. After a lot of research and asking photographers around me for advice I was recommended…

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