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Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches” turns me off

Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches” viral campaign has been raised to the skies and viewed by more than 54 million people with a majority who sympathize with the campaign that I’m wondering if I’m totally alone giving it a thumb down? Seriously, the first time I saw it in April I was offended and felt sad, once again focus is on superficial beauty. What happened with inner beauty? It must be miserable thinking about how one look on the outside instead of putting that time on trying to focus on one’s inner beauty.

I must admit, several years ago, I’ve been like that myself, thinking about how I look, how other people thought about my look etc Luckily that was just a period in my life and with the years I learned to accept how I look and instead focus on my well-beeing, and the root of well-beeing comes from the inside. You can be beautiful outside, but if you have an ugly personality that superficial beauty will crackle sooner or later. Superficial beauty can never achieve the beautiful natural glow that comes from the inner beauty of one’s soul.

I’m not going to spend more time writing about the video where woman realize other people find them more beautiful than they think of themselves while there are so many other and more important things to focus and reflect on. Speaking of beauty, in this interview you can read more about what I think about beauty.

My new haircolor..


My new haircolor...

A visit at the hairdresser! My new hairdresser is Michelle from London and I think she did a great job. Usually I go to my favourite hairdresser in Paris, Christophe Monteiro, but now when I will be in Sweden for a while Michelle is the perfect stand-in, don’t you think? Acctually I didn’t do much with my hair, I just asked her to put a semi-permanent color to even out my haircolor, and make it a bit darker.



Something is missing…..

Something is missing….and I’m happier than ever! Can you tell what that could be? My braces are gone!!! After 2 1/2 years I don’t need to hide my smile anymore…God only knows how uncomfortable time I’ve had with the braces…now those days are gone and I’m smiling…all day long :-)



Happy Valentines Day

Valentines Day

Me in Paris 2010

Happy Valentines Day to all of you :-)

I’m really not a big fan of days like Valentine’s Day, I think we all should show each other love and appreciation whenever we FEEL for it and not on a special day once in a year. Showing your love should be something you do everyday :-) And on top of all that I think that days like Valentine’s Day has become way too much commercial – it has become a big industry….

I say only one thing, show the people you love that you really love them, enjoy being loved and do all that as often as you feel for it ;-)

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