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The magic of the Eiffel tower….

Bought this miniature of the Eiffel Tower in Paris earlier in February and when I got back to Copenhagen I placed it close to my bed. Now, a couple of months later it turns out that sleeping next to…

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My new haircolor..

A visit at the hairdresser! My new hairdresser is Michelle from London and I think she did a great job. Usually I go to my favourite hairdresser in Paris, Christophe Monteiro, but now when I will be in Sweden…


Something is missing…..

Something is missing….and I’m happier than ever! Can you tell what that could be? My braces are gone!!! After 2 1/2 years I don’t need to hide my smile anymore…God only knows how uncomfortable time I’ve had with the…

Vision Board

Vision Board

This year couldn’t have a more amazing start! When I got back from my long trip in Asia I was boosted with love, light and so much positive energy that things has been moving very fast – in the…

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Where the wild roses grow…

Last week I was terribly sick and it took me almost one week to recover. During that time I recieved a beautiful bouquet with seven red roses that I kept in a vase next to my bed were I…

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Miss u!

When I was in Stockholm last week I stayed at my friends place Hana and her family, they’re like my second family and even though I met them just a couple of days ago I miss them very much…


Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m not a big fan of days like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc etc. I think we all should show each other love and appreciation whenever we FEEL for it and not on a special day…and on…

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Miss my camera….

I really miss my camera (Canon G11) that I lost at Montana two days ago :-( I paid 700 EUR for it before I moved to Paris and it has been my partner in crime wherever I`ve been in…

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