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The magic of the Eiffel tower….

Bought this miniature of the Eiffel Tower in Paris earlier in February and when I got back to Copenhagen I placed it close to my bed. Now, a couple of months later it turns out that sleeping next to…

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My new haircolor..

A visit at the hairdresser! My new hairdresser is Michelle from London and I think she did a great job. Usually I go to my favourite hairdresser in Paris, Christophe Monteiro, but now when I will be in Sweden…


Something is missing…..

Something is missing….and I’m happier than ever! Can you tell what that could be? My braces are gone!!! After 2 1/2 years I don’t need to hide my smile anymore…God only knows how uncomfortable time I’ve had with the…

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Miss u!

When I was in Stockholm last week I stayed at my friends place Hana and her family, they’re like my second family and even though I met them just a couple of days ago I miss them very much…

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In this superficial world we’re living in it’s complicated to see people’s true intensions. Beeing charmed by empty promises and words is foolish. In the end it’s only the actions of the person that counts, there within you’ll see…

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Sometimes you just need a bit of time to see if you’ve made the right or wrong choices.…

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Est-ce que c’est possible?

Is it possible to split myself into two pieces? One piece would be here in Paris, enjoying life. The other one would be in Stockholm, closer to family and friends, having a job, an apartment, having a way much…

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Äntligen kan jag börja blogga igen :-) Ni anar inte vad det har kliat i fingrarna! Min laptop gick sönder för några veckor sen varav anledningen till min alltför långa blogguppehåll men nu har jag köpt en MacBook Pro…


I’ve got an announcement to make…. två veckor kommer mina tänder se ut som på bilden ovan…. Eftersom jag har ett korsbett på vänster sida som inte korrigerades sist jag hade tandställning (för ca 15 år sedan) så kommer jag att genomgå ännu en…

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Bella notte!

Vilken underbar dag! Imorse gick jag upp tidigt och tog en härlig morgonpromenad, måste ju passa på nu när vädret tillåter ;-) Sedan storstädade jag hemma, sorterade bland mina kläder och fyllde två påsar med kläder som jag skänkte…

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