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Meert in Lille


Out of all meetingpoints in Lille , Parisbreakfasts and I chose Meert, are you even surprised? I knew Meert by their famous thin and oblong waffles filled with vanilla buttercream, yet I had never had one even though they have two boutiques in Paris. No, I wanted to wait and go all the way to Lille, and have my very first Meert waffle in their boutique, Lille’s oldest in fact and now an institution not to be missed when in Lille. This is were the story of this famous waffle began already in 1849, when the Belgian Michael Paulus Gislinus Meerts took over the business of Monsieur Delacourts, confectioner and chocolate maker, at 27 rue Esquermoise. These waffles are still beeing handmade daily in their laboratory that is located behind the boutique.

Stepping in to their beautifully decorated boutique was like going back in history…like a fairy tale or even a dream. No wonder why the lines to this boutique are long..who wouldn’t want to buy their sweets in this boutique full of charm and go home with chocolates, caramels and waffles in cute boxes with lovely illustrations?

After been browsing through their boutique and pastry shop we were ready to take a well-deserved break in Meerts Salon de Thé. Breakfast at Meert, thats not bad, is it? I wanted a Mont Blanc, but reminded myself to “go light” as I knew many other sweets were awaiting me throughout the day, even I do have my limits. A waffle filled with crème de marrons and a cup of Tisane de Soleil was just perfect, to start my day in Lille. That tea…I fell in love with its aroma…if they would have it for sale I would have bought it, right away.

Meert – 27 rue de Esquermoise, Lille
meert-waffleHow to eat your waffle, keep is slightly above a cup of hot beverage until the filling starts melting….very yummie!!meert-gaufresWaffles stacked in plastic boxes - they should be consumed within 10 days but if you are like me they will be finished by one or two days ;-)
meert-chocolateChocolate in all kinds meert-lillePralines Roses and marshmallows…meert-lille-1Next time I will buy a box with wafflesmeert-lille-3Beautiful boxesmeert-lille-4Like stepping back in time..this boutique boasted charm and lots of historylille-meertJust like in a fairy tale…meert-patisserieMeerts pastry and bakery shop side by side the boutiquemeert-patisserie-1I wanted a piece of each cake…meert-patisserie-5How is it possible to resist?meert-patisserie-4We went inside for a closer lookmeert-patisserie-6The prettiest pastries in Lillemeert-patisserie-lillewell prootected by a red ribbonmeert-salon-de-thewe continued to the Salon de Thémeert-tea-salonwe were not the first ones this early morningtisane-de-soleilI opted for a cup of tea, with Tisane du Soleil, delightful taste and aroma. Too bad they don’t sell this tea en vrac, I would have bought some with me to Paris ;-)meert-lille-salonFurnitures in Louis XVI stylemeert-salon-de-the-1From above, we both had tea :-)meert-lille-10While others went all in…lille-meert-11What a luxury for the Lilloise to come here for a breakfast..I would have too if living in Lille.meert-lille-12I will be back soon!

Inoubliable Marilyn

I guess I will never have enough watching photos of the beautiful Marilyn Monroe, always discovering new ones I haven’t seen before. A few weeks ago when walking around in Marais I stumbled upon a small gallery that is having an exhibition with photos on Marilyn Monroe taken by different photographers. Rare photos, go there before February 25th..last day of the exhibition !

Inoubliable Marilyn – La Galerie de l’Instant – 46 Rue de Poitou, 75003 Paris

Jean-François Baecker


Yesterday I went and saw the French photographer, Jean-François Baecker‘s exhibition at La Galerie du Pont Neuf. He is both a street photographer and news reports. I liked his way of capturing different sceneries in a way that evoke many emotions. Below you’ll see a selection of the photos that were shown. Today, Sunday February 15th is the last day of the exhibition – not to be missed ;-)

La Galerie du Pont-Neuf - 23, Place Dauphine – 75001 Paris

jean-francois-baecker-5Jean-François Baecker – La Galerie du Pont Neuf
jean-francois-baecker-4Jean-François Baecker – La Galerie du Pont Neuf
jean-francois-baecker-3Jean-François Baecker – La Galerie du Pont Neuf
jean-francois-baecker-1Jean-François Baecker – La Galerie du Pont Neuf
jean-francois-baeckerJean-François Baecker – La Galerie du Pont Neuf

LULU White

In the center of So-Pi (South Pigalle), not so far away from metro Pigalle, you’ll find LULU White, a bar that opened up its doors in November 2014. Back in the days when I was new in Paris I remember I often went to bars in Montmartre which I enjoyed very much..but with time I’ve been quite lazy and stayed in la 6ème, St Germain or in the center of Paris.

Its never too late to discover new bars and a few weekends ago me and some friends went to LULU White. Almost passed it by at first, NO sign outside, only the house nr indicated we were on the correct spot..and the bouncer..who told us it was quite crowded but still let us in :-)

When you enter you travel back in time, to the belle époque in the early 1900’s! Elegant decoration in New Orleans style, a bar in mahogany designed by Hector Guimard, great music..everything from jazz to music fr the 60-80’s and very friendly and service-minded bartenders.

Their speciality is absinthe based cocktails, so for you absinthe minded..this is the bar you’ve been looking for ;-) Just keep in mind, its very small so it gets crowded very fast…go there early!

LULU White – 12 Rue Frochot, 75009 Paris


Crêperie Bretonne in Paris

After a quite dissapointing experience at the well-known Crêperie Josselin, me and Parisbreakfasts skipped the dessert and headed for another crêperie along the street for better luck. Crêperie Bretonne caught our attention, looked charming with its white and blue Brittany colors and no lines.

Here the galettes and crêpes were made “à la commande“, the traditional way. Carol had a crêpe with caramel au beurre salé with a scoop of vanilla ice cream while I opted for their speciality “Spéciale Crêperie Bretonne” with chocolate, pear and vanilla ice cream flambée in Grand Marnier. The crêpe in itself was good..however it was soaked in Grand Marnier and it was just way too strong for me. Strangely I have not learned to avoid pastries soaked in alcohol.

The atmosphere was cozy, no stress or rush as in Crêperie Josselin. No tourists, only local people and families.

Crêperie Bretonne – 56 Rue du Montparnasse, 75014 Paris

creperie-bretonne-21My special crêpe….soaked in Grand Marnier
creperie-bretonneLa crêperie Bretonne
creperie-bretonne-1La Crêperie Bretonne – a crêperie with history
creperie-bretonne-05Galettes are made “à la commande”
creperie-bretonne-parisIts difficult to choose among the long list of galettes and crêpes with different toppings
creperie-bretonne-4Parisbreakfasts shared some of her lait Ribot (buttermilk) – delicious! Used to have one cup every morning when living in Copenhagen. Filled with loads of probiotics!
creperie-bretonne-3People sitting next to us enjoying their galettes
creperie-bretonne-paris-1The menu at la crêperie Bretonne
creperie-bretonne-04La Crêperie Bretonne

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