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See you soon Paris

It might be a little bit quiet on my blog, I’m leaving to Amsterdam tomorrow, with Parisbreakfast! The most beautiful Spring garden at Keukenhof and the Van Gogh museum is on our list :-) Then I will continue towards Newcastle – Edinburgh and travel around in Scotland!

Will be back soon with lots of photos and stories to share ;-)

Chocolats de Pâques

Easter is coming up and it means all the chocolatiers in France are quite busy. I can only imagine how much chocolate the French eats during Easter :-) This is the period where I love passing by the vitrinas of the chocolatiers in Paris watching their too-beautiful-to-eat Easter egg creations. Easter egg hunts (chasses aux œufs) is very popular for the children, but around Easter, we are all counted as children, there is chocolate for everybody :-) I remember a beautiful Easter chocolate egg I recieved when I was working at Ladurée years ago which I saved for my sister as I know she loves chocolate. In Denmark, all employees at the company where I work, used to recieve chocolate Easter eggs made by Danish chocolatiers….

In France there are so many chocolatiers I can’t even the names of them all. Last weekend I passed by a few of my favourite ones and took some photos to share with you:

le-chocolat-alain-ducasse-saint-benoit Le Chocolat - Alain Ducasse
alain-ducasse-paquesLe Chocolat - Alain Ducasse
alain-ducasse-chocolatLe Chocolat - Alain Ducasse
alain-ducasse-chocolat-paquesLe Chocolat - Alain Ducasse
pierre-marcolini-paquesPierre Marcolini
pierre-marcolini-paques-1Pierre Marcolini
pierre-marcolini-paques-4Pierre Marcolini
pierre-marcolini-paques-5 Pierre Marcolini
jean-paul-hevin-paques-1Jean-Paul Hévin
jean-paul-hevin-paquesJean-Paul Hévin
jacques-genin-paques-3Jacques Genin
jacques-genin-paquesJacques Geninjacques-genin-paques-1Jacques Geninjacques-genin-paques-4Jacques Genin
gerard-mulot-paquesGérard Mulot
gerard-mulot-paques-1Gérard Mulot
gerard-mulot-paques-2Gérard Mulot
gerard-mulot-paques-3Gérard Mulot
arnaud-lahrer-paquesArnaud Lahrer
angry-birds-chocolateArnaud Lahrer
patrice-chapon-paquesPatrice Chapon
patrice-chapon-paques-1Patrice Chapon -

Cherry Blossoms in Paris

Cherry Blossoms in Paris

Cherry blossoms, or fleurs de cerisiers as they would say in French, have been blooming since a couple of weeks in Paris. I simply love it, its the most beautiful sign of the arrival of Spring. Last weekend I strolled around in Jardin du Luxembourg...went to the same “cerisier”, cherry blossom tree that I took my first cherry blossom photos in Paris back in 2010. Who knew I would be living in Paris a few years later? Still feels like a dream and I’m enjoying every single day…and to celebrate, here are a few dreamy photos I took of “my” cerisier the other day..before the guards whistled behind me shouting I had to step out of the lawn…..

Jardin du Luxembourg – 75006 Paris

Cherry Blossoms in ParisCherry blossom pink dreams
Cherry Blossoms in Parisfleurs de cerisier à Paris
Cherry Blossoms in ParisIf you are in Paris….
Cherry Blossoms in Parisdo go to Jardin du Luxembourg
Cherry Blossoms in Parisand enjoy these pink fluffy blossoms
Cherry Blossoms in ParisI wish they were in bloom are year long
Cherry Blossoms in Parischerry blossoms
Cherry Blossoms in ParisOne of the cherry blossom trees in Jardin du Luxembourg

Spring is here in Paris

“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming” Pablo Neruda

Last weekend when I was strolling around in Jardin du Luxembourg the Earth was laughing in flowers <3

Jardin du Luxembourg, 75006 Paris

Photos taken with my Fuji Finepix x100s

jardin-luxembourg-printemps jardin-du-luxembourg-1 printemps-jardin-du-luxembourg-004 jardin-du-luxembourg-005 printemps-jardin-luxembourgjardin-du-luxembourg-0005The Luxembourg Palace

Gérard Mulot

When I first moved to Saint Germain, in early 2010, Gérard Mulots boulangerie and pastry shop was the closest one to my home, you can only imagine how many times a day I passed by his vitrinas daydreaming about each and one of the pretty cakes and pastries in the display. And pretty often I couldn’t resist teh pressure and went inside….

I guess Parisbreakfast has been trying them all and I’ve been browsing through her archives to read more about Mulot, my favourite pastry chef in St Germain. The more I’ve read her posts the more I’ve been tempted to go back.

Do you remember the Tropezienne I had at my favourite brasserie Café Varenne? It was from Gérard Mulots pastryshop, and one of the best I’ve ever had……

This weekend I left the pastryshop with a small pink box, tomorrow I will reveal the delicious pastry that joined me home. But until then…look at the cakes in the vitrinas of Gérard Mulot. The Charlotte Fraise des Bois looks so pretty…as the rest of the cakes.

 Gérard Mulot - 76, rue de Seine, 75006 Paris

gerard-mulot-1The Saint-Honoré of my dreams…gerard-mulot-4I want a piece of every cake here at Gérard Mulots pastry shop…gerard-mulot-5They look so pretty
gerard-mulot-7Gérard Mulots pastry shop in St Germain, where they also sell organic bread (and baguette au levain bio) too!

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