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Baron NYNY party

Baron NYNY partyFashion Week without partying at Baron is a big no, no. Baron is definately a part of the Fashion Week and on Sunday evening I had been invited for the NYNY party that friends from NY organized there with awesome DJ’s. Danced all night long, at least I tried to on the very packed dancefloor ;-) The Men’s Fashion Week here in Paris couldn’t have had a better ending…

Photo taken with my Fuji Finepix x100s

These heels were killing me

heels vogue

These heels were killing me

This weekend was my very first weekend without work so I needed to celebrate that + the fact that I’ve moved back to Paris :-) Intensive weekend, spent with friends, Saturday dinner at Restaurant Bon (designed by Philippe Starck) and Sunday dinner at Monsieur Bleu (designed by Joseph Durand)…did some club-jumping too, started at Raspoutine but when we saw the clientele (yes, lots of things has changed in Paris….to the worse) we took a taxi and headed to the cool Nüba located on a rooftop (perfect since it had been over 24 degrees the same day in Paris and the air was still warm on the evening and we danced under the full-moon)….around 03:30 we took a taxi and did a classic tour to Montana and ended our evening at Baron like in the good old days. And yes, I did manage to wake up early on Sunday morning to go to the Marché Bio at Blvd Raspail and do my regular self-practise pilates on the reformer machine at Rituel Studio. On Sunday the clubs we wanted to go to were closed…strange, when I was living in Paris two years ago I used to go partying at Montana on Sunday evenings too but that’s not the case anymore. Instead we went to Café de Flore after our dinner at Monsieur Bleu. Since my heels were killing me taxi was the only alternative and this weekend and I experienced one great taxi-driver (as sent from heaven) he was driving superfast (loved it!!!) and unfortunately also a really creepy taxi-driver. More details and photos from my weekend will follow very soon ;-)

Spellbinding cocktails at Miss Kō in Paris

Miss Kô Restaurant Paris Spellbinding cocktails at Miss Kō in Paris in a very creative and madness inspired atmosphere. During my last trip to Paris I visited the restaurant Miss Kō in Paris with my friends for a dinner. We had a great time, the food was good and so were the cocktails we had ordered. Miss Kō is not just great for having dinners at, its the prefect place going to for grabbing a drink or two before hitting of for the nightlife in Paris. The atmosphere is very cozy and relaxed and I wasn’t surprised when I heard that Philippe Starck is the interior designer behind this restaurant concept just like Mama Shelter that you by now know that I love :-)

Miss Kō49/51 avenue George V – 75008 Paris

Miss Kô Restaurant ParisMiss Kô Restaurant Paris Miss Kô Restaurant Paris Miss Kô Restaurant Paris

Ra Ra Raspoutine, Russia’s greatest love machine

Nightclub Raspoutine in ParisThe nightclub Raspoutine in Paris was a place I spent the night hours at when not dancing on the dance floors of Montana and Baron. We were lucky one of the evenings, the DJ was awesome, the ambiance was amazing and those two things combined with champagne makes a simple recipe for staying dancing on the dancefloor all night long.

This Russian themed nightclub has a history of beeing a brothel (or like they say in French, maison close) but then was turned into a cabaret welcoming guests such as Serge Gainsbourg, Catherine Deneuve, Frank Sinatra, tsars and princes…. Now, behind the very selective doors you’ll find a nightclub with a Byzantine-style covered with red velvet curtains and bench seats, thick red rugs, beautiful boudoir lamps hanging from the ceiling, altogether giving this place an intime and sensual charm. And yes, they do serve caviar ;-)

Raspoutine58 rue de Bassano – 75008 ParisNightclub Raspoutine in Paris

Baron + Montana


Yesterday we decided to go and watch Jean Dujardin‘s latest movie, Möbius, at the cinema at 22. But then I was told about Damir Domas fashion afterparty at the nightclub Baron so I put us on the guestlist and we skipped the movie in the very last minute. The party was great, the DJ’s were awesome and I also had the yummie Baron signature drink like in the good old times, champagne+vodka+strawberries, a dangerously delicious combination. Around 3 in the morning we took the taxi to Montana where we continued to party. Montana was delivering as always and we met Jean Dujardin and another French actor, Gilles Lellouche there. We told him we had skipped his movie that night for going partying instead and he said we had made the right choice ;-)

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