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des huitres
Food & recipes Paris

Des huîtres

Des huîtres – oysters in French. I love oysters! And I love to eat them raw! So just imagine how happy I am that it is the oysters season and that its possible to buy organic oysters at the…

Food & recipes Paris

Organic figs

One of my favourite fruits of this season is figs and I’m so happy I can find organic figs at the Marché Bio held every Sunday at Boulevard Raspail here in Paris. I prefer to eat them as they…

Food & recipes Paris

Fresh kale juice in Paris

Kale is one of my favourites among the green leaf vegetables and imagine how happy I am that it’s available at the Marché Bio Raspail. I will leave it to you to find out how healthy kale is…but what…

Food & recipes Paris

Marché Bio Raspail

I’m so happy to live nearby one of the best, according to me, markets in Paris. Marche Bio Raspail is as the name reveals an organic open door market at Boulevard Raspail. It’s held every Sunday between 09h00-15h00 and…

Copenhagen Food & recipes

Sweets of Denmark

There are many things I will miss from Denmark and foodwise I can make a long list. I’m fully aware I’m going to the country of fine ways of dining and exquisite food, but after been living in Copenhagen…

Copenhagen Food & recipes

Cooling down with koldskål

While I have no idea where my next home in Paris will be I take a break from the searching and cool myself with a bowl filled with koldskål topped with kammerjunkere and organic Danish blueberries I bought at…

Copenhagen Desserts

Clafoutis aux abricots

Last weekend when I was doing my regular grocery shopping at the outdoor market of Torvehallerne here in Copenhagen I bought lots of sweet apricots from France. Had “clafoutis” on my mind and since I’ve never made a clafoutis…

Copenhagen Food & recipes

Fresh biodynamic mint

Can’t imagine how happy I got when I found fresh biodynamic mint on the outdoor market at Torvehallerne here in Copenhagen yesterday evening. I bought a bundle of mint that I put in the basket on my bike. Had…

Copenhagen Food & recipes Smoothies

Honeydew keeps me cool

Finally I’ve found organic honeydews. Have avoided to buy the conventional ones when they started to pop up in the supermarkets already in May…but I didn’t wait in vain ;-) Last week the organic honeydews had arrived and I…

Copenhagen Food & recipes

Cherries with benefits

Summer always equals with sweet fruits and cherries are one of my favourites. I found these cherries from France at the open market at Torvehallerne here in Copenhagen. Very sweet and addictive…. Cherries are not only delicious and a…

Copenhagen Food & recipes

Farmers Market in Copenhagen

Farmers Market in Copenhagen (Bondens Marked i København translated into Danish) – you can’t imagine how much I’ve been looking for this type of market here in Copenhagen! Torvehallerne is indeed a wonderful market, but I find it hard…

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