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After my visit at Christophe Monteiro's hairsalon in Paris
Beauty Paris

Hairdresser in Paris

It has been a while since visiting my hairdresser in Paris, last time was in September 2011 to be correct. I’ve wanted to go to him earlier since I moved back to Paris, but the time to settle down,…

Hypnotic Poison Dior
Beauty Paris

Hypnotic Poison

Hypnotic…as in Hypnotic Poison from Dior. One of my favourite perfumes. While men has been literally hypnotized, women have been running after me asking me what perfume I’m wearing. The secret formula behind this seductive perfume? A hypnotic combo…

Chanel nailpolis Rose Exubérant
Beauty Copenhagen

Chanel nail polish Rose Exubérant

Chanel nail polish Rose Exubérant is the latest addition to my nail polish collection at home. I love adding color to my nails and last week I fell in love with Chanel‘s colour Rose Exubérant (no 519). It’s like…

Chanel Dragon nailpolish
Beauty Copenhagen

My Red Dragon

Even though I’m into dark and almost black colors for my nails I couln’t help myself buying this lovely red nailpolish from Chanel (Dragon 475) two weeks ago. Not “screamy” red, simply elegant and classy …and perfect for Christmas…

Sephora in Copenhagen
Beauty Copenhagen

Sephora loves Copenhagen

The French chain of cosmetics, Sephora, loves Copenhagen that much that they will open their first store in Scandinavia in Copenhagen in May….In the gallery Illum to be more precisely. That’s great news for all the people in Copenhagen…

REN Cleansing Gel

My skin loves….

I love REN‘s products and this Rosa Centifolia Cleansing Gel is one of my favourites….cleaning my face has never been more joyful and pleasant! When I rub some of this cleansing gel between my hands I can feel the…

Beauty Personal

My new haircolor..

A visit at the hairdresser! My new hairdresser is Michelle from London and I think she did a great job. Usually I go to my favourite hairdresser in Paris, Christophe Monteiro, but now when I will be in Sweden…

Kiehls shampoo

Kiehls shampoo

For the moment my hair is indulging itself with Kiehls Shampoo Amino Acid, it’s perfect if you have fine hair and it is very gentle!…


Best hairdresser in Paris

My hairdresser must be the best hairdresser in Paris and I’m so happy I found him :-) In August I went to him to change my last haircolor (black) into something lighter…I didn’t wanted to become blonde again, rather…


Big hair big nails – OPI

Totally love my new nail-polish from OPI I bought a couple of weeks ago, a typical summer color and it matches my tan perfectly ;-)…



I was completely addicted to Chanels nailpolish Diabolic that I had last year but unfortunately it doesn’t exist in Chanel‘s collection anymore but I’ve found a pretty similar color from Mavala instead, called ONYX. To get the perfect deep…


Grey, the color of time…

Well….if I can’t go to New York well then New York will come to me…at least on my nails ;-) Put some new nailpolish on my nails, New York from Mavala. I love the grey shade, it reminds me…

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