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Copenhagen Flea markets

Si je ne peux pas être en France…

Si je ne peut pas être en France…mes belles souvenirs restes proche de mon cœur. If I cannot be in France…my sweet memories/souvenirs remains close to my heart…literally. On the weekend I went for some digging in the fleamarket…

Portobello Market
Flea markets London

Fruits, veggies and food – Portobello Market

Freshly picked strawberries, blueberries…lots of veggies such as asparagus from Italy as you can see in my photo above…coconuts, cupcakes, pies, different kind of bread…you name it…there was nothing missing in the Fruits, Veggies and food section in the…

Portobello Market
Flea markets London

The Portobello Road Market

Here is the main reason why I chose to live in Notting Hill during my weekend in London in May – The Portobello Road Market! The Portobello Road was only a 5 minutes walk from where I was living…

Flea markets London


When I was visiting the Portobello Market in London I passed by some Italians who were busy making bruschettas. The line was long and I understood there must be something special about those bruschettas so I joined the line.…

Portobello Market
Flea markets London

Pink thirst quencher

Too hot? Well, cooling down with a freshly mixed fruitsmoothie containing sweet watermelon, strawberries, pineapple, mango and blackberries (no milk and yoghurt) is a VERY good idea if you are at the Portobello Market in London. A guy there…

Marie Olsson Nylander
Flea markets Interior design

A home with stories to tell….

We’re living in a world where almost everything is changing in a fast speed. We’re living in a throwaway and high consuming society where many things are fake and the real and true things are the most sought after…and…

Le marché aux Puces de St-Ouen
Flea markets Paris

Sunday in the fleamarket of St-Ouen

Yesterday (read Sunday) I met up my friend Ellinor at the fleamarket of St-Ouen. The fleamarket in St-Ouen is Paris most famous one and it’s one of the worlds largest. Strolling around and watching the beautiful objects that collectors…

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