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Si je ne peux pas être en France…

amour-fouSi je ne peut pas être en France…mes belles souvenirs restes proche de mon cœur.

If I cannot be in France…my sweet memories/souvenirs remains close to my heart…literally. On the weekend I went for some digging in the fleamarket here in Copenhagen and found this beautiful stool aged with love. Next to my bed it makes a perfect sideboard table where I’ve put my gilded heart, also from France. The heart is old, dated 1938, with a story of a married couple separated during the war….

The cute bottle is from Denmark, also a treasure I found in the fleamarket. It’s a bottle used for fresh cream and is around 70 years old…now serving as a vase for my rose ;-) Simply love small things with history…

The Portobello Road Market

Portobello Market

Here is the main reason why I chose to live in Notting Hill during my weekend in London in May – The Portobello Road Market!

The Portobello Road was only a 5 minutes walk from where I was living and it starts at Golborne Road and ends at Westbourne Grove, 940 m long…and the market is filled up with EVERYTHING you can imagine…

The Portobello Road Market in London is claimed to be the World’s Largest Antiques Market.…but so is the fleamarket (Marché aux Puces St-Ouen de Clignancourt ) in Paris and even though I’ve been to both of them I can’t say which one is bigger but I love both of them :-)

The market is open every Saturday and that is also the day when it’s you can see in my photos. The shops are open everyday.

The Portobello Road Market is divided into following sectors: New Goods, Golborne Market, Flea Market, New Goods, Fruit & Veg, New Goods and Antiques. And there is a sign in each sector telling you where you are ;-)

Here is a link to a great site about the Portobello Road Market where you can find more information about the market, the antiques dealers and the shops – Portobello Antiques Dealers Association.

Portobello Market

Portobello Market



When I was visiting the Portobello Market in London I passed by some Italians who were busy making bruschettas. The line was long and I understood there must be something special about those bruschettas so I joined the line. Imagine toasted ciabatta, the best olive oil from Italy, topped with chopped ripe tomatoes, some garlic and rocket salad...pure love served in Portobello Market!

I left the crowd with my two bruschettas standing in the corner of a junction to Portobello Road having an unforgettable Solli-moment and I guess other people saw how I was caught up in the moment because they snapped some photos of me while I was standing indulging myself with the most delicious bruschetta….


Pink thirst quencher

Portobello Market

Too hot? Well, cooling down with a freshly mixed fruitsmoothie containing sweet watermelon, strawberries, pineapple, mango and blackberries (no milk and yoghurt) is a VERY good idea if you are at the Portobello Market in London. A guy there had prepared lovely fresh fruit salads in big plastic cups and next to it he was mixing fruit smoothies

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