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Camille Claudel exhibition in Roubaix

Last year was the 150th birthday of the French sculptor and graphic artist Camille Claudel, also known for her turbulent relationship with Auguste Rodin. The Art and Industry Museum, La Piscine in Roubaix (10 min by metro fr Lille) celebrated Camille Claudel by having the largest exhibition ever made with more than 150 works.

This was one of the main reasons why I went to Lille a few weeks ago and after almost 3 hours in line we finally entered the exhibition salon. The exhibition ended on February 8th, but I took a few photos that I’m happy to share with you.

I’m very curious on Camille Claudel and I think I’m going to Fnac soon and buy the two movies about Camille Claude, the one with Juliette Binoche (2013) and the earlier one with Isabelle Adjani (1988). Anyone of you who have seen them?

La Piscine – 23, rue de l’Espérance, 59100 ROUBAIX

camille-claudel-02dddcamille-claudelJeune fille à la gerbe
camille-claudel-04l’âge mûr
camille-claudel-06Camille Claudel in her atelier
camille-claudel-07Camille Claudelroubaix-piscineLa Piscine – Roubaix
piscine-roubaixLa Piscine – Roubaix

Inoubliable Marilyn

I guess I will never have enough watching photos of the beautiful Marilyn Monroe, always discovering new ones I haven’t seen before. A few weeks ago when walking around in Marais I stumbled upon a small gallery that is having an exhibition with photos on Marilyn Monroe taken by different photographers. Rare photos, go there before February 25th..last day of the exhibition !

Inoubliable Marilyn – La Galerie de l’Instant – 46 Rue de Poitou, 75003 Paris

Jean-François Baecker


Yesterday I went and saw the French photographer, Jean-François Baecker‘s exhibition at La Galerie du Pont Neuf. He is both a street photographer and news reports. I liked his way of capturing different sceneries in a way that evoke many emotions. Below you’ll see a selection of the photos that were shown. Today, Sunday February 15th is the last day of the exhibition – not to be missed ;-)

La Galerie du Pont-Neuf - 23, Place Dauphine – 75001 Paris

jean-francois-baecker-5Jean-François Baecker – La Galerie du Pont Neuf
jean-francois-baecker-4Jean-François Baecker – La Galerie du Pont Neuf
jean-francois-baecker-3Jean-François Baecker – La Galerie du Pont Neuf
jean-francois-baecker-1Jean-François Baecker – La Galerie du Pont Neuf
jean-francois-baeckerJean-François Baecker – La Galerie du Pont Neuf

TAK – A day in Copenhagen

tak-copenhagen-12TAK, a day in Copenhagen

Returned from Copenhagen last Friday just in time to “visit” Copenhagen, in Paris ;-)
MERCI, the concept store in Marais are during a short period, until February 7th, exposing some Danish goodies! Raincoats, rubberboots, the classic Margrethe bowl, Kay Bojesen’s teddybear…you name it. I fell in love with the tableware in ceramics made by KH Würtz, restaurants such as Noma is using.

“Tak, a day in Copenhagen” at Merci – 111 Boulevard Beaumarchais, 75003 Paris

tak-copenhagenCeramic tableware from KH Würtz
tak-copenhagen-3Kaj Bojesens classic teddybear
tak-copenhagen-5Irma, the supermarket where I used to do my grocery shopping in Copenhagen, they had lots of organic products <3 This is their bag.
tak-copenhagen-6And the story behind it…
tak-copenhagen-8Named after the Danish Queen, the Margrethe bowl is a must in every kitchen !
tak-copenhagen-7Here in pastel colours
tak-copenhagen-11Rubber boots from Ilse Jacobsen
tak-copenhagen-10Cup with letters
tak-copenhagen-9Danish  Elderberry juice and apple juice, straight from Denmark
tak-copenhagen-13Danish designers…they are many of them ;-)
tak-copenhagen-14My Danish collegues love that licorice pipe…
tak-merci-merciThe red Merci car in their courtyard
tak-merci-merci-1Merci…or tak (in Danish)

Maison & Objet Paris 2015


Maison & Objet , my favourite event takes place twice a year in Paris. This year they had a 20 years anniversary and I was one of the lucky ones getting a piece of their birthday cake. For proof, just scroll down ;-) It was delicious, however I would have liked to keep the blue assiette :-( I bumped into Carol at the Cook + design hall, out of all places..what are the odds when the venue where it takes place is more than 250 000 sqm ?! I was happy to see her and we did some browsing together. Next time I better save two full days for this event. Half a day is not enough, lesson learned.

maison-objet-15-2A piece of the birthday cake

maison-objet-15-paris-13The Cook + design hallmaison-objet-15-paris-12Giant teddybear made of pink rosesmaison-objet-15-paris-11 Ceramicsmaison-objet-15-paris-10 Wooden cutà un giardinomaison-objet-15-paris-8 Fiorirà un giardinomaison-objet-15-paris-6Fiorirà un giardinomaison-objet-15-6 From Cambodia, wooden bowlsmaison-objet-15-paris Only the box is a piece of art in itself…Dammann knows how to sell their teamaison-objet-15-paris-1Ceramic pans are the new it-thing! I bought one two weeks ago…goodbye teflon and other dangerous pans and potsmaison-objet-15-paris-2Looked for bone-broth but it was empty…maison-objet-paris-3 When I go to Strasbourg I would like to learn how to make a Kouglof…this mold inspired memaison-objet-15-paris-5 Spinning cocktail glasses…maison-objet-15-paris-7Lady in pink from Guadartemaison-objet-15-5 maison-objet-15-4 Organic and healthy foodmaison-objet-15-3Funny eggcupsmaison-objet-15-1Greek specialities at Kilikio’s stand, we got to taste delicious olives…maison-objet-15

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