Belvédère à Campomoro

Getting to the fishing village Campomoro from the hamlet Belvédère is either a 5 minutes ride by car OR if you take the ancient hiking trail, approx. 5,5 km, it takes more or less 1 hour..depending on how many stops you make to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. As Belvédère is located on a hilltop it takes ofcourse longer time to get there from Campomoro

I won’t be able to share the beautiful and sweet smelling perfume of the maquis..nor the butterflies that were flying around…but here are a few photos I took that can give you an idea how wonderful it was walking between Belvédère and Campomoro, and what you would miss out when taking the car ;-)

belvedere-campomoroWhen walking on this hiking trail I was not entirely alone, hundreds of lizzards (Tilliguerta/Tyrrhenian wall lizard) kept me company along my way….
maquis-corsethe summer asphodel (Aspohodelus aestivus)
maquisgenista corsica
belvedere-campomoro-3the sweet smelling ciste labdanum
belvedere-campomoro-44a bliss for the soul to walk this ancient trail…in total serenity
campomoro-belvedere-33One of the signs along the hiking trail between Belvédère and Campomoro in Corsica
campomoro-belvedere-10Sometimes I had to pass the road and walk along it in order to continue the hiking trail…
belvedere-campomoro-9I passed by this beautiful cemetery (Cimetière de la Punta di l’Omu ) on my way…
belvedere-campomoro-8with its typical monumental tombs facing the sea. From here you can also the Tour de Campomoro.
belvedere-campomoro-5Amazing seaviews along the way….
campomoro-1And at last, arriving to the fishing village Campomoro!

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