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Marché de Riez

Marché de Riez
Best way of buying food is doing it straight from the local farmers, that is why I simply LOVE going to the organic market in Paris every weekend. Truly the highlight of my week.

Imagine how happy I got when Jim and Claudia asked if I wanted to join them to the marché de Riez on the Saturday morning? With Claudia‘s latest bargain, an old shopping cart with a grinding sound (great to have if you lose one and other in the crowded market) we took the car in direction to the village Riez.
Forget about superpolished, waxed apples, perfect shaped tomatoes or onions without any traces of soil…in a market you find fruits and veggies in all kind of colours and shapes, there is nothing called perfect and what they all have in common is that they all taste delicious, they smell good, and they have been fed with the love of the local farmers, could you ask for more?

Marché de Riez, every Wednesday and Saturday 08h00-13h00 – Place du Quinconce

Photos taken with my Fuji Finepix x100s

Marché de RiezFresh onions
Marché de RiezCherries
Marché de RiezOnions
Marché de RiezArtichauts
Marché de RiezVerveine
Marché de RiezTomatoes in all kinds of shapes and colours :-)
Marché de RiezTasty apricots
Marché de RiezHappy “marchand”
Marché de RiezDried lavender
Marché de RiezJim and Claudia buying organic veggies
Marché de Riezhoney from Felizia Pozzoni in La-Palud-du-Verdon
Marché de Riezhoney from Felizia Pozzoni in La-Palud-du-Verdon
Marché de RiezFresh baked bread, without chemicals or pesticides
Marché de RiezHomemade cakes
Marché de Riez

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  • Jenny
    17 July 2014 at 12:16

    Hur var det med ekologiskt? Christine har bloggat om att det inte finns så mycket eko på just marknaderna. När jag bodde i parran fanns det i alla fall bio på typ Monoprix.

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