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#AngelCandy Fauchon x Thierry Mugler

AngelCandy by Fauchon x Thierry Mugler
#Angelcandy as an éclair, was delivered to my door yesterday. How SWEET! (literally) To celebrate the limited edition fragrance Angel Eau Sucrée, Thierry Mugler have together with Fauchon created this delightful éclair!

My first encounter with Thierry Mugler‘s Angel, (the first fragrance he created, with seducing, sweet and angelic notes) was when I was working part-time at a perfume boutique when I was studying, 10 years ago. During my years there I must have filled hundreds of refillable star bottles…with that nostalgic memory of Angel I could not resist to say no to this special delivery, tempted to know how this éclair with an #Angelcandy twist would taste like……

Sweet, yet light and not to heavy….its blue color, white stars and vanilla scent reminded me very much of the perfume. Filled with almond and bitter chocolate praline and Madagascar Bourbon vanilla cream topped with lemon and caramel, a babyblue white chocolate covering the éclair decorated with stars…tasted angelicious!
AngelCandy by Fauchon x Thierry MuglerIrresistable angelcandy!
AngelCandy by Fauchon x Thierry MuglerBabyblue white chocolate covering the éclair sprinkled with white stars…
AngelCandy by Fauchon x Thierry Mugleréclair filled with chocolate praline and madagascar bourboun vanilla cream…yummie…
AngelCandy by Fauchon x Thierry MuglerAngelicious experience, thanks for this sweet treat Fauchon and Thierry Mugler!

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