Nightlife Paris

The morning after mess

High heels
High heels all over my floor at home. A pretty much of a normal sight every Sunday morning. Will keep this one short, lately me and one of my best friend in Paris have spent the weekends on dancing the nights away on the dancefloors of Montana and Baron, just like in the good old times ;-) So it’s totally worth the mess I’m waking up among the morning after….
Prada gold hardware
…and I wonder if Prada would replace this broken golden hardware under one of my Prada stilettos??
Palace Costes

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  • Karolinacy
    31 May 2014 at 22:12

    The mornings after dark… are like a sunny day after storm, peace after war… But as long as we wake up happy that’s all that matters. P.S. We do have same shoe size ;)

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