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Le Bac à Glaces

Le Bac à Glaces
Must confess I had a total “I’m-in-heaven” moment here when endulging myself with the delicious sorbets of Le Bac à Glaces. YES! Grom sure got one competitor now. Thanks to Café Varenne I’ve discovered the ice creams of Le Bac à Glaces (they offer some of their flavours) and not long ago I went there to have a cup. Since it was very sunny and I was warm by walking I chose to go for their sorbets. Two scoops, raspberry/rose and mango. I totally love rose and in combination with raspberries this blend was a total success. Even the mango was delicious and tasted like ripe mango just picked from the tree. The two scoops I got were enormous and I had plenty of time sitting inside of Le Bac à Glaces, watching the people passing by outside while enjoying my sorbet at this newfound gem and that’s what I call la joie de vivre ;-)

A big plus is that the ice cream and sorbets at Le Bac à Glaces are all homemade, with quality ingredients and no added chemicals or artificial colourings.

Le Bac à Glaces – 109 Rue du Bac, 75007 Paris

Photos taken with my Fuji Finepix x100s

Le Bac à GlacesRaspberry/rose and mango sorbet – enjoyed at Le Bac à Glaces in Paris
Le Bac à Glaces
Delicious sorbets served with a glass of fresh water with mint leaves
Le Bac à Glaces
Worth a visit when you’re in Paris and have craving for delicious ice cream and sorbet!

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