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Kransekage – Danish New Year tradition

Kransekage is a typical Danish dessert eaten at New Year’s Eve or during special occasions such as weddings etc. I was introduced to this delicious tradition when I was living in Denmark and last year when I celebrated New Year’s Eve in my home in Copenhagen I bought kransekage from my local organic bakery, Det Rene Brød . Kransekage is made of almonds, sugar and egg whites, almondpaste with other words and is decorated with some frosting on top.

Traditions that involves delicious treats are traditions I stick to and I did buy a kransekage at Lagkagehuset in Copenhagen before I returned to Paris a couple of days ago. I couldn’t keep it until New Year’s Eve though, I enjoyed it already on the plane in the air somewhere between Copenhagen and Paris. A very delightful experience! Hopefully I will have an oven in my next apartment here in Paris so I can bake my own kransekage for next New Year’s Eve!

Curious on how to make a kransekage? Watch this video and learn how they make the typical kransekage at Lagkagehuset in Denmark ;-)

Photo above taken during New Year’s Eve 2012 in my home in Copenhagen

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