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Galette Des Rois

Galette Des Rois
Traditions that includes sweet treats continues and now on Sunday people in France will celebrate the Epiphany by enjoying a Galette Des Rois !

Last year I made my very own Galette Des Rois when I was living in Copenhagen, see photo above. Homemade with lot’s of love and it turned out to be a success! A Galette Des Rois is a cake made of puff pastry layers and filled with frangipane in the center. Frangipane is my favourite part of this yummie cake and it’s simply grounded almonds that has been mixed together with eggs, butter and sugar.

Now my biggest concern is not the issue that I have no oven in my apartment. Come on, I’m living in Paris now so I should spoil myself and taste what the pastry chefs here have to offer. Pierre Hermé, Ladurée, Poilâne, Christophe Michalak….. Question is who makes the most delicious one? Only for me to try and find out ;-)

Here you can see a few different Galette Des Rois that the pastry shops are offering this year, enjoy !


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