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Restaurant Petrossian Le 144

petrossian-caviar-01On Tuesday evening I had been invited for a cocktail dînatoire at Restaurant Petrossian Le 144 in Paris. Armen Petrossian, one of the founders and owners of Petrossian and his son, Mikael Petrossian were also attending at this delightful evening answering all our questions regarding the delicious food we were served throughout the evening. New chef, Julien Violet, new menu and new interior decoration, a perfect occasion for organizing a cocktail dinner ;-)

Colorful entries, fish plates and caviar ofcourse, in all kind of variants and preparations. What totally spell-binded my taste buds was the entry you can see on the photo above, L’œuf Caviar consisting of œuf de poule (hen egg), fleurette au céleri and caviar Alverta on top of the egg. Sprinkled on the entire plate was grinded Petrossian fleur de caviar, a must-to-have in the kitchen! Goes well with risotto, pasta, egg…an easy way to add some luxurious flavour to almost any plate.

Another entry, a very colorful one, was les œufs de saumon sauvage on a bed of buratta, fleurs et feuilles. Caviar and cheese? Had never tried that combination but I was positively surprised, appetizing for sure!

Among les plats (maincourses) L’Esturgeon Osciètre was delectable and perfectly prepared. En cuisson douce, I had to ask the chef himself to found out how he had prepared the sturgeon? Answer: together with herbs and spices in a vaccumsealed bag for 2,5 hours in 55 degrees warm water. Personally I would never have the time to prepare any fish that long so I’m happy I live just a short walking distance from Petrossian’s restaurant :-) Result? Perfection in itself with divine texture and it was served with oignon confits and caviar Alverta.

The menu at Petrossian Le 144 changes every week, but I’m sure and I hope my favourite ones stays longer on the menu. One thing is for sure, caviar will always find its way to the plate, one way or another ;-)

Restaurant Petrossian Le 144 – 144 rue de l’Université Paris

Photos taken with my Nikon D5100, 35mm f1.8
Petrossian petrossian-blinis petrossian-oeuf-caviar caviar-tartare-petrossianpetrossian-dinnerpetrossian-harengs-1   petrssian-caviar-04petrossian-esturgeonpetrossian-restaurant

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