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Petrossian Caviar Tasting

Petrossian Paris Persians were the first population known to consume caviar and when the royal Tsars in Russia enjoyed this delicacy it slowly became popular in Europe and the rest of the world. My first encounter with caviar was when I was very young. I remember when I was a child whenever my dad came back from visiting his family in northern Iran he always had several tins back with him filled with Beluga caviar from the Caspian sea. Soft, black large eggs…a delicacy. I was a gourmand already as young but unfortunately I don’t eat much caviar as I did back then. That’s why I was very happy when I was invited by Petrossian, in June, to an exclusive caviar tasting and presentation of their sortiment.

Petrossian works with specialists at the world’s finest caviar refineries and that’s what makes Petrossian caviar special. Excellent and delicious caviar comes only from sturgeons that has been allowed to age which gives it more delicate and flavored. I got to try all their caviar types, that differs in color, size, taste and origin. At the tasting I was also introduced to their Papierusse, dried caviar, thin as a paper and perfect to use as decoration on different dishes. Petrossian fleur de caviar is dried caviar pearls that you could use by either grinding or spread them as they are on seafood, egg and why not pimp up the pasta with the distinguish taste of caviar? Their eggxciting caviar in it’s round transparant egg tin was among my favourites and great to bring on a picnic. A must-have for a gourmand-on-run ;-)

A part from caviar Petrossian are also specialists in smoked fish such as salmon, sturgeon and scallops. In their boutique they also have tarama’s, perfect topping for blinis and baguette toasts.
There is something for people with a sweettooth as well. Jams, candies, cakes you name it. Personally I loved their cute caviar tins filled with chocolate pearls.

On the day I returned back to Copenhagen Petrossian offered me a bag with some of their delicacies which I lived on for a week on in Copenhagen. Photos will follow soon!

Petrossian Boutique 18 Bd de Latour-Maubourg, 75007 Paris

Petrossian ParisPetrossian Paris Petrossian Paris Petrossian Paris Petrossian Paris Petrossian Paris Petrossian Paris Petrossian Paris Petrossian Paris Petrossian Paris Petrossian Paris

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