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Des huîtres

des huitresDes huîtresoysters in French. I love oysters! And I love to eat them raw! So just imagine how happy I am that it is the oysters season and that its possible to buy organic oysters at the organic market I use to go to at Boulevard Raspail every Sunday. Unfortunately I have no idea how to open an oyster, and I dont want to cut off my hands or have the the water from oysters splashing in my kitchen – so it suits me perfectly that I can buy a few oysters and eat them at place :-) This is what I’ve been doing since October and that I will be doing every Sunday until March, which is when the oyster season ends.The very kind fishermen opens my oysters and I get a small knife to cut through the muscle that keeps the oyster in the shell and he also supply me with a lemon. When my oysters are open I throw out the water from its shell and just after a couple of seconds new and cleaner water comes out from the oyster, I squeeze some lemon juice on it and then…sluuuurp, I chew it once or twice…feel the very good taste of the oyster before I swallow it. Mmmmm!

Oysters are not just a delicacy, they are full of benefits! They contain lots of zinc, they are high in omega 3, a very good source of potein, low in fat and calories and are also a good source of essential nutrients such as iron, calcium, vitamin B12, vitamin A, E and C and selenium. A big plus is also that eating oysters is environmentally friendly :-)

Marché biologique RaspailBoulevard Raspail 75006 Paris

des huitresdes huitresdes huitres des huitres

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