Paris Pâtisseries

Chocolat Chapon

Chapon Chocolat At Le Salon Du Chocolat in Paris I also visited the stand of Chapon, owned by Patrice Chapon. Before opening his chocolate laboratoire in 1984 in Paris he was working at the Buckingham Palace making ice-creams and sorbets for the royal family. Now he has two boutiques in Paris, one of them situated at 69 Rue du Bac, in my neighbourhood :-) What I like most with Chapon is that they have a Bar à Mousse au Chocolat! Four types made of cocoa beans from different regions giving the mousse au chocolat it’s unique taste. Also I like their chocolate tablets in wrappers with beautiful and colorful drawings.Chapon Chocolat Chapon Chocolat Chapon Chocolat Chapon Chocolat Chapon Chocolat Chapon Chocolat

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