Visiting CPAM – Applying for a Health Card in France – part 3

ambassade-de-suedeOn October 10th I had my third visit at CPAM in order to have a health card issued. I had made a visit to the Swedish Embassy the week before and paid them to re-write my birth certificate on a paper and sign it. When I handed it over to my administrator at CPAM she said that she now had all the documents needed and that I would recieve some documents and a provisionary numéro de sécurité sociale by post soon and then that I would recieve a document where I should attach my photo and then I would recieve my healt card – Carte Vitale.

Finally! I was relieved and left….. (happily thinking that it was not THAT complicated to have a health card in France…but if I only knew what would come later…)

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