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etam-jambes-nataliaFastest Taxi Driver in Paris? Well, on Saturday evening I was the lucky one riding in his cab! I was standing waiting for a taxi to go to Restaurant Bon where I was going to meet my friends for dinner. I was kind of in the very last minute and there were no taxi’s in sight. I mean, what did I expect? On a Saturday evening? Welcome to Paris! Anyway, suddenly he appeared out of nowhere and picked me up. First thing he did was to push the front seat forward so I had enough space for my long legs, I call that service, thumbs up! Next thing he did was to accelerate….so much that I almost had to pinch myself to know if I was dreaming or not?
Unfortunately the taxi drivers drives very slow in Paris…so that their taxi meter can tick uncontrolled even though it’s just a short distance. But NOW, my Taxi Driver was all in on the gas pedal, driving zig-zag between cars in front of us (just like in the movies..loved it!!) and with French rap music loud in the background I was completely enjoying it. I shouted from behind and told him he was the best and fastest Taxi Driver I’ve ever had in Paris..when he heard that he drove even faster. I was in heaven :-)
Within less than ten minutes I arrived to Restaurant Bon and I never tip taxi drivers in Paris but this guy was so worth it, so I tipped him 5 €. Now I regret I never asked for his number, could have been useful having a taxi driver like him here in Paris….

BUT I did ask him what song he was having on repeat and he told me it was Rohff’s TDSI, look what I found on Youtube ;-) Had the same type of ride..but enjoyed it much more than Sylvester Stallone;-)

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