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Pilates on reformer machine in Paris

power-reformer-pilatesMy body has been screaming for workout since I came to Paris but since I had not recieved all my things including my toesox and gloves that I use for exercising pilates on a reformer machine I’ve decided to wait. But yesterday I FINALLY recieved the rest of my boxes :-)

So, where to exercise pilates on a reformer machine in Paris? Unfortunately not many studios offers that type of pilates and those I’ve found has some very juicy fees. I remember I thought paying 18 € in Copenhagen for one hour was expensive. I take it all back now. The most expensive studio in Paris takes 90 € for ONE hour. Give me a break! Now I have found a studio not very far from me, but their prices are….juicy. One hour costs 35 € AND I need to pay an annual fee of 60 €….AND as if that wouldn’t be enough..the cherry on the top: I need to show a recent medical certificate showing I’m in good health?!?!?! Seems to be a French law. So now I have to FIND a doctor (hey, I’m new in town..this can take time) and then pay for the certificate before I finally can exercise.

Oh well, what do one not do for staying in good health? Just have to close my eyes and pay the price.

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  • Cecilia
    10 September 2013 at 8:45

    Jag brukar gå till:

    Dr. Eva Cazenave-Lacrouts
    33 rue Benoît Malon 92800 PUTEAUX
    Tel: 01 42 04 35 97

    Hon är svensk vilket jag tycker är väldigt skönt!

  • mette
    10 September 2013 at 9:06

    35 € måske er det 3 gange så godt som i Kbh??? Kom tilbage på ferie, så tager jeg med dig i

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