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Marché Bio Raspail

marche-bio-raspail-4I’m so happy to live nearby one of the best, according to me, markets in Paris. Marche Bio Raspail is as the name reveals an organic open door market at Boulevard Raspail. It’s held every Sunday between 09h00-15h00 and it has become one of my Sunday activities to browse through that market and make most of my weekly shopping there. The markets dates from 1989 and there are around 50 different producers, artisans etc all holding an organic certificate for their products. The first time I went there I was amazed by the joyful atmospehere, people talking with everybody (nobody is a stranger here) and it seems everybody here shares the same passion for organic products :-)

So what can be found in this market? Well, fruits and vegetables of the season, meat, pastries, flowers, butter, eggs, cheese, honey, wines, fish, oysters, bread etc and everything is ORGANIC. Last time I went there I had galette de pommes de terre aux oignons, see the last photo. The line is always very long but it’s totally understandable since I’ve tried their galettes :-) I’ve also tried a delicious apple pie with apple slices marinated in orange blossom flowers and other specialties that the different producers has been preparing in their stalls.

Since it’s one of Paris most exclusive markets and the most expensive organic market the price is higher than anywhere else.

Marché biologique Raspail – Boulevard Raspail 75006 Paris
Hours: 09h00 à 15h00 marche-bio-raspail-5 marche-bio-raspail-7

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