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Cooling down with koldskål

koldskal-1While I have no idea where my next home in Paris will be I take a break from the searching and cool myself with a bowl filled with koldskål topped with kammerjunkere and organic Danish blueberries I bought at the open-door market at Torvehallerne yesterday.

Koldskål is something typical Danish and I always buy an organic one from the supermarket Irma here in Copenhagen. Usually koldskål contains eggs yolks and some lemon but I prefer without and the organic one at Irma fullfill my requirements :-) It consist of organic soured milk, organic buttermilk, organic cane sugar and organic vanilla seeds. Altogether they turn into a smooth and thick mixture with a rich creamy consistency. I guess I just revealed one of my sweet treats I endulge myself with here in Copenhagen during the hot summer days ;-)
koldskalOrganic koldskål with kammerjunkere and blueberries – a yummie Danish sweet treat!

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