Amalfi Coast Italy

Under the moonlight

positano-sunset-1Ever since I left Italy I’ve tried to figure out when I should go back again. I totally fell in love with the Amalfi Coast and would love to explore that beautiful area more and also walk the hiking paths that there are more than hundreds of.

Something I also miss it the moon I used to see from my terrace in Positano. My bed was just next to the terrace and I used to sleep with the terrace door open….around 4 in the morning I woke up by the moon going down just behind the sea in front of me. The sight was magical, the sky was shifting colours and the village Positano looked like a painting in this scenery. Unfortunately I was too tired to get up to bring my camera and take a photo…but I will always carry the memory of the moon going down with me. It was simply breathtaking and so unreal….and something I need to experience again :-)

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