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Mama Shelter in ParisMama Shelter, yes, it sure is a tradition for me having dinner there when I’m in Paris. And no, I never get tired of their food. With the great 2 stars Michelin rated chefs Alain Senderens and Jérôme Banctel who has created a menu together nothing can go wrong. Simple and good quality French food just the way I prefer it :-)

This time there were some new dishes on the menu but I couldn’t resist the starter I always order, so marinated salmon and avocado without even hesitating. As a maindish I had the spices and coffee roasted codfish with gourmets peas, soy and cilantro…my lord! Their chef knows how to prepare cod in the most excellent way. The cod I was served was in the state of perfection, not overdone and not too raw..and almost melted in my mouth. The gourmet peas that it had been prepared with enhanced the whole experience and I truly wish I will learn how to prepare a codfish like that one day….

The Dessert with a big D. I ordered something that totally blowed my mind and still gives me cravings to go back asap. It deserves a separate blogpost so stay tuned ;-)

Mama Shelter – 109 Rue de Bagnolet, 75020 Paris

Mama Shelter in ParisHaving a Green London at Mama Shelter in ParisMama Shelter in ParisThe bread is always perfect at Mama Shelter, crusty on the outside and soft interior…served with butter :-)Mama Shelter in ParisThe starter no. 1, marinated salmon with avocado at Mama Shelter in ParisMama Shelter in ParisMy friends plate :-)Mama Shelter in ParisHaving delicious cod at Mama ShelterMama Shelter in ParisCabillaud torréfié aux épices et café, pois gourmands,soja et coriandreMama Shelter in ParisHaving dinner at Mama Shelter in Paris

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