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Honeydew keeps me cool

honeydewFinally I’ve found organic honeydews. Have avoided to buy the conventional ones when they started to pop up in the supermarkets already in May…but I didn’t wait in vain ;-) Last week the organic honeydews had arrived and I bought a bunch of them. Purpose? Perfect thirstquencher after a day at work during these very hot summerdays. I mix one honeydew with 1 teaspoon of my organic orangeblossom honey from Italy and the result is a very refreshing, sweet and nutritious juice! Not only it tastes very good, I love the pastel green color of it :-)

Honeydew juice has a wonderful and distinct taste and I never mix it with other fruits….and acctually you don’t need to add honey like I do, honeydew is the melon highest in fruit sugar and is very sweet in itself. One thing also good to mention is that honeydew is a great source of vitamin C, potassium and other vitamins and minerals. One cup of honeydew juice gives you a bit more than half of the vitamin C you need for one day, not bad ;-)

honeydewFluffy, refreshing and sweet honeydew juice topped with fresh mint


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