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Fresh biodynamic mint

biodynamic-mintCan’t imagine how happy I got when I found fresh biodynamic mint on the outdoor market at Torvehallerne here in Copenhagen yesterday evening. I bought a bundle of mint that I put in the basket on my bike. Had the most pleasant trip back home with the mint emitting its refreshing fragrant just in front of me :-) At home I separated the leaves from the stem, washed them throughly and put them on a clean kitchen towel to dry. I also made a cup of tea on some of the leaves, perfect for after the dinner since it’s good for the digestion. Once you’ve had tea on fresh mint leaves you will never go back to mint in tea bags…I promise!

biodynamic-mint-2Separating the mint leaves in order to wash them throughlybiodynamic-mint-1Putting the fresh mint leaves on a kitchen towel for drying

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