Arrival in Massa Lubrense in Italy

massa-lubrense-2Magical sunset at Massa Lubrense where I’m staying here in the Amalfi Coast, Italy. I arrived to Naples yesterday and went to Sorrento where I was picked up and brought to what I would call a paradise. The house where I’m staying at has the most wonderful view, can see the Capri island, the Vesuvius volcano and Napoli. We had a short walk befoe the dinner and finally I could see all the organic lemon trees…seems we are totally surrounded by them. Saw so many beautiful houses, very old ones. Also found a neglected farm close to a small waterfall, lemons, figs and other things were growing there. Too bad I know nothing about farming otherwise I would have loved to take care of it :-)

Since I have told everybody here about my aim to get a motorcycle license very soon we’ve planned to do some biking. Not on a motorcycle, but on a scooter. Looks fine with me :-) Today we’ll walk on one of the nearby paths, go to the beach and then I think I will walk around Massa Lubrense and explore the area a bit more.

I’ve also decided to visit Capri and Ravello before I end my holiday in Positano. Yesterday’s dinner was outstanding, homemade food with delicacies from the area, and strong limoncello afterwards. I was in foodheaven…

Everything tastes so good here, had some small pears that had been picked in the area, and just by holding it in my hand I could feel the sweet scent of it and the taste was refreshingly sweet.

It’s so quiet and peaceful here…..I think I would like to move here <3
massa-lubrense-1 massa-lubrense

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