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La Chascona

La ChasconaLa Chascona – the sweet bohemian café where they serve the most delicious banoffee pie ever! Antwerp is the place you need to go in order to have enjoy it :-)

I’ve been in Antwerp several times, last time was in June last year (which reminds me I still haven’t shared my photos with you yet…hopefully very soon!) and each time I make sure to visit La Chascona to have my dose of their so yummie hot chocolates and their homemade cakes and pies. I’m not the one sitting at Starbucks or another coffee chain eating pies and cakes containing more than 50 ingredients including preservatives, artificial colourings, flavors etc…a REAL cake never needs a list of crap that in the end isn’t even good for your body. No, I prefer homemade cakes and pies containing real ingredients and baked with love <3

Anyway, back to La Chascona, on the photos you can see me having a banoffe pie that consists of a base made of biscuits and butter, sliced bananas twirled with toffee, fluffy whipped cream and topped with cocoa powder. Their banoffee pie in itself can make me go to Antwerp for a weekend, that’s how good it is :-) The hot chocolate I had was based on boiled milk with a few chocolate pieces melting in the bottom of the glass…topped with lots…lots of heavenly whipped cream…as if it wasn’t enough, sweet roasted fine chopped nuts sprinkled on top. I went there three times during my weekend there last year, I think that kind of says it all :-)
It’s situated not far away from my favourite street, Kloosterstraat (where you find lot’s of antique shops).

Oh, and a detail I forgot, you can not only buy coffee, hot chocolate, pies and cakes…you can acctually buy the chair you’re sitting on or another furniture – if the pricetag allows you ;-) The owners take cares of neglected furnitures and other objects, after repairing and giving them some true love you can find the objects in their café, things they would like to keep are tagged with extremely high prices – ofcourse ;-)

La Chascona – Oever 18 , 2000 AntwerpenLa Chascona La Chascona

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