Copenhagen Ice cream

HVIIDs IS serving fresh made gelatos on a stick

HVIIDs ISHVIIDs IS is the new Italian gelateria in Copenhagen serving fresh made gelatos on a stick (Gelato su Stecco in Italian). Since I completely love gelato it didn’t take long until I went to HVIIDs IS for giving their gelatos on a stick a try.

Pistacchio is one of my top gelato flavours so naturally that was the one I tried during my first visit. It was very yummie and creamy, dipped in white chocolate flavoured with pistacchio and topped with roasted chopped hazelnuts. You can definately feel the difference between their gelato and the ice cream on a stick you can find in the supermarket, it contains less air which gives it a rich texture. They make their gelatos fresh every morning and on top of that they use organic milk, thumbs up for that!

The gelateria is dangerously too close to me ( read: 5 minutes walk). I guess you know where you will find me during hot summer days ;-)

HVIIDs IS – Olufsvej 6, Copenhagen

HVIIDs ISHaving a pistaccio gelato on a stick at HVIIDs IS in Copenhagen.HVIIDs ISWanna try? It’s very yummie!HVIIDs ISTraces from a pistacchio gelato.HVIIDs ISA warm day in May outside HVIIDs IS in Copenhagen.

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