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Fresh tagliatelle

Fresh tagliatelle

Fresh tagliatelle is not difficult to make once you’ve made your home made pasta dough. I must admit, now when I’ve learned how to make fresh pasta I will never buy pasta again, it’s so simple to make and so much more tastier :-)

Whenever you have made thin layers (see instructions here) leave the layers on a dry and clean table cloth for about 15 minutes. Then roll the layers through in the pasta machine on the part where you make tagliatelle. Leave to dry on the table cloth or a drying rack for an hour. The pasta only needs to be boiled for around 2 minutes. Serve with your favourite topping, pesto or sauce. Buon Appetito!

Fresh tagliatelleΒ  Leave the pasta layers to dry for about 15 minutes on dry table clothsFresh tagliatelleMaking fresh tagliatelle has never been easier, just put the pasta layer through the pasta machine where you have the cutting rollers for making tagliatelle

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