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Riz à l’amande

Riz à l'amande

Riz à l’amande (Ris à l’amande in Danish) is  Danish dessert made during Christmas, it has  French name even though it’s not a French dessert, don’t ask me why :-) This rice porridge dessert made with whipped cream, vanilla and chopped almonds and it’s supposed to be seved cold preferrably with cherry sauce.

My collegue gave me a recommendation to mix arborio rice with ordinary rice (instead of using only arborio rice) and here comes my recipe:

Riz à l’amande (ris a l’amande) serves 6-8 persons:

1,5 dl arborio rice, 1,5 dl basmati rice, 15 dl milk, 1 vanilla stick (cut into two), 3 dl cream, 0, 5 dl almonds (blanched and chopped) serve with cherry sauce

1. Let the rice boil with the milk and vanilla stick for about 45 minutes while stirring it gently 2. Let it cool down during the night 3. Mix it with the blanched and chopped almonds 4. Whip the cream so it gets fluffy but not too stif and mix it gently with the rice porridge 5. Serve, preferrabley with Amarena Fabbris Cherry Sauce :-)

Amarena FabbriIn the supermarkets in Copenhagen there are several brands to choose from when you’re looking for cherry sauce, from 19 DKK up to 114 DKK. The Italian cherry sauce from the brand Amarena Fabbri was the most expensive one on the shelves and it’s the one I chose to buy after a recommendation from a collegue. And it showed to be the best choice, the wild cherries were delicious and the cherry sauce goes perfecly well with vanilla ice cream and also with champagne!

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