Stockholm Sweden

My apartment in Stockholm – now sold

Solli's apartment

I left Paris because of some practical things and voilà, here is one of them. My pearl in Stockholm….that I bought in the end of 2006. It was not in top condition, but I saw potential in it and made a total renovation of the entire apartment. By that time I thought I was going to live there for years so I put extra money on luxury things such as floor heating in the bathroom, rain shower in the corner etc but then I left to France. During my stay in Paris I rent it out to persons who have taken really good care of it. My last tenant has been living there for 2 years and when I was checking my apartment this weekend it was in top condition and I couldnt even find a single stain in the oven, microwave or the washingmachine. Everything looks new like it was 6 years ago :-)

So my plan was to finally sell my apartment and proceed with my dreams. I was in Stockholm last weekend and had it sold, went much faster than I ever could imagine….and it feels SO good, now I can finally proceed with my plans.

The photo above and the ones below are taken when I was there last weekend:

Solli's apartment

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  • Fröken Isakson
    25 November 2012 at 19:37

    Vilken mysig lägenhet. Skönt att försäljningen gick så smidigt :)

  • Solli
    25 November 2012 at 21:35

    Fröken Isakson – Tack :-)

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