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Eating at Pluto

Pluto, restaurant in CopenhagenCroutons with duck liver and heart

We had many delicious things at Pluto. The best thing is that you can choose small dishes and taste different things. They also have 12-20 dishes they serve if you want to share. We had the following:

  • croutons with duck liver and heart
  •  oysters on a bed of seasalt and sliced lemon at the side
  • scallops, Jerusalem artichokes and soya
  • wings, fois gras and pasta
  • veil terrine, fois gras and fried egg
  • snails, heart and bouillon

Everything was really tasty, but unfortunately I had way too much food so I was too full for dessert….next time!

Pluto – Borgergade 16, Copenhagen

Pluto, restaurant in CopenhagenOysters

Pluto, restaurant in CopenhagenScallops, Jerusalem artichokes and soya

Pluto, restaurant in CopenhagenWings, fois gras and pasta

Pluto, restaurant in CopenhagenVeil terrine, fois gras and fried egg

Pluto, restaurant in CopenhagenSnails, heart and bouillon


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