Two jars filled with golden love

Honey from Corsica

Two jars filled with golden love that I brought back home from Corsica. Miellat du Maquis and Miel de Châtaignier. Miellat is honeydew and is very dark in its color with a rich fragrance and not as sweet as honey. Maquis are the low growing and aromatic plants that covers almost 20% of Corsica. You can just imagine the alluring fragrance of this honey…The other one, miel de châtaigner, is simply chestnut tree honey ;-) The difference between honey and honeydew is that honey is made by bees who takes nectar while honeydew by bees who takes honeydew (the sweet secretions of aphids or other plant sap-sucking insects).

Bringing back eatable souvenirs is a delicate way of extending the vaccation…….

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