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Dîner au Mama Shelter à Paris

Mama Shelter restaurant in Paris

Dîner au Mama Shelter à Paris…(=dinner at Mama Shelter in Paris)… “un endroit branché et très sympa“…according to many Parisians..which means a trendy and nice place. And I totally agree since I went there at least once a week when I was living in Paris. As you already know my favourite starter at their restaurant is salmon with avocado and pickled radish…and this time I had mussels for maindish. And I had a “mocktail sans alcool” called Kool And The Gang with fresh mint, elderflower and mineral water….very fresh..and cool ;-)

And yes, that’s me on the photo above..taking another egopic in the mirror in the bathroom at Mama Shelter…together with my favourite leopard-printed scarf…that I forgot to bring with me when I left Paris.

Mama Shelter –  109 Rue de Bagnolet 75020 Paris

Mama Shelter restaurant in Paris

Mama Shelter restaurant in Paris

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