La Fête Nationale

La Fête Nationale

Today (July 14th) is a very special day, it is the French National Day…and I so wish I could be there now. But soon, very soon, me and Paris will be together again. Love ;-)

The best memory I have from la Fête Nationale in France is when I was at my friends apartment situated at Île Saint-Louis and I was laying in the sun-bed on the terrace …suddenly I heard the noises of the planes and then I saw the whole aircraft of the Patrouille de France aerobatics team flying above me…….couldn’t have had a better view and it’s definately one of the best memories I have from Paris.

At the same time as the military aircraft is flying in the sky there is a large military parade going through Champs-Élysées in Paris. I’ve never seen it but I guess it must be pretty crowded…But I do recommend to go to Champs de Mars in the evening..just to have a look at the beautiful fireworks behind the Eiffel Tower.

The National Day is also called the Bastille Day because that’s the day when Bastille (a prison in Paris) was destroyed and the king of France overthrown…

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