Me and my Hunter…

Hunter Boots

Me and my Hunter boots are now ready for this rainy summer! After have had some shoes totally destroyed because of the rain I decided to buy a nice and sexy pair of classic wellingtons straight from England. I love these original Hunter boots in black…MATTE (ofcourse). They are super comfortable and I’m sure they’re going to stay true and faithful throughout heavy rainy  days ;-)

What size? I was asking myself that when I ordered since I didn’t have the time going to a shop to try. But finally I ordered EUR size 39 (UK size 6) which is my normal shoe size. The boots turned out to be a little bit too big, but fits perfectly if I wear thicker socks. I was acctually considering changing them for a size 38 when I first recieved them but changed my mind since they would be 3 cm shorter but still the same size of calf area. There are many different models of Hunter boots but they one I bought and I’m wearing on the photo above is Original Hunter Tall in black matte, a classic one ;-)

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  • meiji
    14 July 2012 at 9:42

    my shoes were ruined by rains during the time i visit Copenhagen too!!i will def bring my hunter there next time when i visit cph again.

  • Solli
    14 July 2012 at 11:20

    Meiji- sorry to hear that. yeah, bring your Hunters nxt time ;-)

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