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Crumpets, the perfect way to start your day

Crumpets at Electric Brasserie

Having crumpets at Electric Brasserie, do I need to say more? One of the things on my to-try-in-London-list was having crumpets. Never tasted them before and a sweet friend of mine had been to The Crumpet Shop in Seattle and recommended me to try crumpets in England and so I found the perfect place to do so, at Electric Brasserie in Notting Hill! They were on their Breakfast Menu so one morning I decided to have toasted crumpets that were served with butter and honey – pure delight!

So how are they and what do they taste like? It’s difficult to describe the texture, its cripsy on one side and a bit crunchy and spongy but not doughy spongy. They taste simply yummie!

How do you eat them? Well, I did it my way, I spread some delicious butter on the spongy side so that the butter could melt into the big holes (butter absorbing holes!). Then I drizzled some honey…ok…not some…LOTS of honey! and I let the crumpet soak the honey, then I turned the crumpet upside down, I preferred having the side without holes, while cutting it into pieces and enjoying it…bite by bite…..

Electric Brasserie – 191 Portobello Road, London

Crumpets at Electric Brasserie

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  • Patricio
    04 June 2012 at 11:50

    I just finished lunch, yet you made me hungry again. :#)

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