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French rhubarbe pie


I completely love rhubarbe pie and this is definately my favourite one, this is THE pie my father used to make since I was a child and nowadays I use to make it during the rhubarbe season. Last week my mothers friend gave us 1 kg rhubarbs from her garden (so nice of her!) and I made this rhubarbe pie (the 4th this season!).

It’s a French rhubarbe pie (Tarte Amandine à la Rhubarbe) in a classic pie crust filled with rhubarbs and covered with ground almond paste.

Here is the recipe that serves 6-8 persons:

Pie Crust:  3 dl flour, 125 g butter, 2-3 tablespoons water

Filling: 1 kg rhubarbs, 2 dl sugar, 2 tablespoons potato flour

Almond paste: 100 g sweet almond, 100 g butter, 1,5 dl sugar, 3 eggs

1.mix flour, butter together and add the water. Work into a dough and let it coold down in the refrigirator for an hour.

2.peel the rhubarbs and cut them into pieces. let them cook together with sugar over low heat until the rhubarb is soft.

3.pour out the potato flour in 3 tablespoons cold water, mix throughly and pour it into the rhubarbmix and stir and let it cool.

4.cover a pie plate with the pie dough, prick the dough with a fork and bake the pie crust for 10 minutes at 225 ° in the oven.

5. Scald the almonds and grind them. Mix butter and sugar and then add the grounded almonds. Add egg yolks. Bat the egg whites separetly until stiff and stir it into the batter.

6. pour the rhubarb mix into the pie shell, cover with the almond paste. Bake the pie in the oven for about 15 minutes.



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