New camera, any suggestions?

I need your help! Anyone who can recommend a slim and light but still professional digital camera that takes good quality photos that I can have as a complement to my SLR camera? My Nikon is super heavy and I would like to buy a slim camera that I can bring with my daily…..without having pain in my shoulders.

So if anyone of you who got a great compact digital camera or knows good ones …please recommend me a camera to buy :-)

I’ve had Canon G12, which was great but still t0o heavy and big and I gave it to my sister when I visited her in Asia…

Now I’m using a SLR camera, Nikon D5100, Lens: Nikkor 35 mmf/1.8 G…but as I wrote in the beginning, it’s too big and too heavy to bring with me daily.

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5 Comments on New camera, any suggestions?

  1. Ellinor
    21 April 2012 at 8:01 (3 years ago)

    En arbetskamrat (kunnig inom det här med foto) rekommenderade Nikons nyhet “Nikon J1″ En liten kompaktkamera, med möjlighet till utbytbara objektiv osv. Jag har inte läst på så mycket mer om den, blev blev väldigt sugen då min nuvarande kamera är alldeles för stor och att jag i och med detta sällan tar med den utan håller tillgodo med mobilen, vilket inte alls blir samma sak.
    Lycka till!

  2. Akli
    21 April 2012 at 9:16 (3 years ago)

    Heavy camera, heavy phone, heavy mp3…
    Sounds to me like you need an Iphone!

  3. Akli
    21 April 2012 at 11:21 (3 years ago)

    200 % agree with you Patricio!
    Solli, you could even get a bit of cash if you dump your blackberry! You could maybe by an iphone case with it!

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