Paris blogg
Me in Jardin des Tuileries in Paris

Ever since November last year it feels I’ve spent more time in the AIR than on the ground. I went for a short visit in Stockholm and then back again to Paris…then I went to Asia….then I went back to Paris and then back to Sweden and so on. I’m a good client for the airline companies, that’s for sure ;-)
You must be wondering what I’m doing and so have I until I’ve decided to leave Paris for a while. I love Paris and when I moved there in 2010 I did it with the intention to stay there. But before I settle down for good I want to check off some things on my to-do-list-of-my-life and so I decided to move back to Sweden for a couple of months. To be continued……

Paris Blog
Me walking in Jardin des Tuileries in Paris
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