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Mama Shelter

Dinner @ Mama Shelter

I often go to the hotel Mama Shelter here in Paris for dinner in their restaurant. Especially on Sunday’s it has become a habit. It’s often very packed and crowded so it’s always good to reserve a table earlier. For dinner I usually order the salmon with pickled radish as a starter. It’s simply outstanding! I love the combination of the smooth avacado with the marinated salmon :-) This time I also had salmon as a main course with potatoes and as dessert I had pineapple with caramel fudge sauce. The coctail I had before the dinner is called the Notorious B.I.G and contains green apple purée, freshly squeezed lemon, cane sugar, sparkling water, very fresh!

Mama Shelter, 109 Rue de Bagnolet  75020 Paris

Dinner @ Mama Shelter

Me and my Blackberry @ Mama Shelter

Dinner @ Mama Shelter

Dinner @ Mama Shelter

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