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Go bananas!

Fried bananas

Fried bananas with coconut and caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream

Not long ago I  made this delicious banana dessert for her and would like to share the recepie with you. In fact it’s very simple to do.

Recepie for two persons:

Start with the sauce, take 2 dl coconut milk and let it boil up with 1 dl cane sugar. Let it boil until it turns into a thick texture. Fry thick slices of bananas (1 banana / person= 2 in this case) with some butter (let’s say one spoon) and some cane sugar (2 spoons) in a frying pan on low heat. When the bananas have gotten a golden burn and you can see they’re pretty soft it means they’re ready :-)

Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and pour over the delicious coconut caramel sauce over the bananas and the ice cream and enjoy!

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